The Semi Long Hair Cat Association was formed in December 1991 at an inaugural meeting of thirty people who owned, bred or were interested in any breed of semi long hair cat. They felt that the time had come for semi long hair breeds to have their own section within the GCCF instead of being included in the short hair section. The rules of the Association were decided and the objects were defined as being:
The Association works with the breed clubs. Most members belong also to their breed club. As a result of pressure from the Association and other breed clubs, there is now a Semi Long Hair section recognised by the GCCF and the Association is proud to hold its own Championship Show dedicated to all pedigree semi long hair cats - (not forgetting our friends in the Non Pedigree Section)
The SLHCA is affiliated to the GCCF (Governing Council for the Cat Fancy).
* To promote and safeguard the interest and welfare of ALL semi long hair cats
* To help foster a spirit of cooperation between various individual semi long hair breed clubs in All matters of common interest
* To provide an Annual Breed Show for all semi long hair cats
The Semi Long Hair Breeds
30th June 2014
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The future of the SLHCA club needs to be discussed.
All current paid up members have received a letter explaining the reasons for the calling of this Extraordinary Meeting.
May I remind members that the date in their diary is:-
Sunday 27th July - time 14.15Hrs.
The Green Room
Burton Green Village Hall
Hodgetts Lane
Burton Green
West Midlands
CV8 1PH.

If you are unable to attend for any reason and wish to have your comment(s) raised at the meeting;
would you please e.mail or post your letter to myself, as the temporary honorary secretary".

Thank you.

Charles Eveniss.